Ron Teplitz

I started life as an electronics technician and transitioned over to technical writing twenty or so years ago. I don’t miss the days of creating documents on a Vax with runoff but it’s fun to talk about. I spent most of my career in telecom (Harris, Alcatel) up until the time when the North Bay telecom valley evaporated. Since then, I’ve done work for Enphase, Sonoma Technology, and several local authors. I’m currently working at Grifols, a Spanish biotech firm, writing about nucleic acid testing systems for blood banks and hospitals.

I’ve used an interesting set of tools in my travels through publication land: Microsoft Word (of course), FrameMaker, InDesign, Flare, Acrobat Pro, Photoshop, Publisher, Illustrator, and on and on. Have also learned a lot about writing and editing from co-workers like Mike Meyer and Arlene Miller.

I play cello in the American Philharmonic: Sonoma County, write the program notes, and do the layout for the printed programs. I also enjoy photography; I took the pictures for the top of the North Bay Communicators Network web page. See my LinkedIn profile for more information on me or my web page for information on my freelance writing and editing work.

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